• Riccardo Taccardi, founder and now Executive Manager of World Trade Display expert in telecommunications and training in "Industrial Comunication" created in 1993 in Rimini, only 29 years, the Worldtrade company, now incorporated in the current World Trade Display leaders in the design and production of interactive digital solutions, with its own brand WTD.

  • From 1993 to the 2007, the company‚Äôs' core business was purely focused in the consumer market of information technology. The new digital technologies from 2007 and onwards, have given a strong boost in the different fields of application, especially to an increasing demand of interactive screens on the industrial sectors.

  • From 2011 onwards, the company selected to design and manufacture on their own, the wide range of its products marketed to date using their brand WTD, for a specific choice desired by the company's executive manager Riccardo Taccardi, who we allowed to enter the market at an international level and become a unique player in its kind.