Riccardo Taccardi'

Riccardo Taccardi
Founder of WTD - World Trade DisplayTM

  • Riccardo Taccardi, expert in telecommunications with training in "Industrial Comunication" founded in 1993 in Rimini only 29 years, the Worldtrade companies now incorporated into the World Trade Display; and international leaders under the WTD brand in the design and manufacture of displays and interactive digital signage solutions.

  • Before establishing World Trade Display, in the ‘80s Riccardo Taccardi became one of the most popular Italian agents in the industry of computer components, and a principal player created together with a few others in the Information technology market in Italy.

  • To date Riccardo Taccardi as executive manager within the company plays a significant role by directly following the company's production in the far east with the different factories and coordinates all production companies between them, as well as to interpret in advance the new and different market trends in the interactive industry with new WTD display projects and developments.
  • Riccardo Taccardi received in 1996 the First Prize for the "Italian Work Award" in recognition to the work he developed as an entrepreneur and company, which continues to create value over time.

  • WTD Team

  • World Trade Display has a multidisciplinary team comprised of professionals from all types of different interactive experiences in development, marketing, game design and project solutions. The world of the digital signage & displays is our know how, and every day we look for new interactive solutions following new technologies. Our combined experiences originate from both commercial and support worlds.

  • Particular attention has been dedicated to the world of large display screens and kiosk information services, increasingly demanded by different and multiple applications of use throughout the world. In fact the company, with these types of solutions, has consistently invested in new market segments with efficiency and punctuality, in order to achieve more international leadership.

  • As already pointed out, company in recent years has made important developments; from simple marketing to design and direct production of its range of products; today, marketed under their own brand WTD.
  • Thanks to these changes World Trade Display has developed a unique ability to penetrate into international markets; strengthening partnerships with their factories and panel makers, in a wider and more profound work dynamic, and with the ability to design and produce their own entire range of products for today’s markets, developing an international work synergy that is stable for customers in an advanced price performance ratio and availability of new technologies.