Digital Signage

Digital Signage

  • World Trade Display Digital Signage’s are specially designed to integrate seamlessly into urbane surroundings and to withstand the strict demands of these environments.
  • We offer IDS terminals for various applications such as education and training, advertising, self-service check-in and way-finding terminals. Large employ as to self-ticketing & banking, the self-service kiosk machines exhibit strong viability with its user friendly interface.
  • The Digital Signage’s are changing the face of our public areas as electronic displays are fast becoming a common spectacle. Interactive Digital Signage’s have been employed in almost every business, from retail stores, to factories to public installations.
  • Vending


  • The WTD interactive displays dedicated to the vending machines are suitable for different requirements of every market segment thanks to the innovative technologies and captivating design. A wide variety such as models, formats and sizes can meet all the possible target of these market.
  • The quality of the product delivered that comparable to quality of the major WTD display as resolutions and reactive response time, is guaranteed by WTD design and manufacture of its own wide range of products.
  • In addition the optimization of the energy consumption in time, the Led low voltage lighting and remote control systems connected with our interactive display into the vending machine through GPRS/ Wi-Fi or Bluetooth module, satisfy also the most exigent customer and solutions.
  • Retail & Hospitality

    Retail & Hospitality

    With first-class touch performance and aesthetic appearance, the new one digital signage retail solutions will help you work more productively and achieve better sales revenue.

    Recent years have witnessed the trend towards self-service in a wide variety of public-facing applications both indoors and outdoors, point of sale, touch screen terminals and interactive kiosks have made it possible for sellers to reduce costs and for customers to enjoy the convenience.

    Following this trend, the latest generation of World Trade Display touch screens and touch monitors are exactly what retailers need to thrive in the markets.

    We can offer both standard and customized touch screens and touch monitors, always manufactured by us, that operate reliably in all environments.

    Gaming / Entertrainment

    Gaming / Entertrainment

  • With its exciting and reliable touch screens and multi touch solutions together with wide range of technologies, WTD can provide and satisfy the gambling companies about video lottery/ slot machine AWP and poker room table.
  • The different multitouch technologies branded WTD, enable intuitive and exciting interaction while providing the reliability and uptime required by game manufacturers and casino operators.
  • Wide variety of mounting options including landscape, portrait, tabletop and also display features such as full-Hd and 4K resolutions with ultra-wide viewing angles, are able to provide the elegant and modern aesthetics for the major players of Gaming & Amusement sector.
  • Industrial & Transportation

    Industrial & Transportation

  • World Trade Display has built its reputation in the transportation market by offering first-rate touchscreen and touchmonitor solutions.
  • As a matter of fact, World Trade Display thanks of its style and different touch technologies are the proven solution for check-in systems at the airport, ticketing.
  • We are dedicated to delivering the state-of-the-art touch solutions and providing customers with the most premier user experience.
  • Our touch displays are ruggedized and reliable enough to be implemented in demanding industrial environments where dust and liquids are prevailing.
  • Healthcare


  • We routinely cooperate with medical OEMs/ODMs, system integrators and terminal producers to help integrate our products into their total solutions.
  • The PCAP touch screens and medical touch monitors are excellent options for doctors' and nurses' offices. With a simple touch interface, doctors can focus on the patients without distraction.
  • Modern medical clinics are increasingly relying on digital medical images and touch-enabled display has made it possible for doctors and nurses to examine the images more efficiently and conveniently.