WTD Touch Screen Family

  • With many different sizes and multi-points solution, up to 32 points simultaneous, our wide range of touch screens developed in different technologies are designed and implemented to your specifications, along with several other value add capabilities; in fact one of our major interests is to deliver high-quality and high-functionality of results of own industrial players demand.
  • World Trade Display is a turn-key solution provider of PCAP projected capacitive; SAW Surface Acoustic Wave and I.R. infrared solutions and custom product enhancement and integration services for the medical, industrial, instrumentation, gaming, rail transportation, kiosk and advertising market.
  • The WTD technology range encompasses all the products you need to create your ideal user interface, from individual components that let you build your own devices to Integrated touch screen solutions designed and implemented to your specifications along with other value add capabilities.
  • Our WTD touch screen product series, offers the latest and most popular technologies along with custom product enhancements and integration services to support a wide variety of markets and applications.
  • World Trade Display is committed to deliver a quality product on time and to continuously improve our Quality Management System and ability to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations as a touch screen manufacturer.

    WTD - We Touch Different